Be Sure You Trust Where You Buy Your Supplements

This article in USA Today indicates that what is in your supplements could be more or could very well be less than you think. According to this latest study, what’s on a supplement label is not necessarily what’s in the bottle.

Researchers who tested vitamin D pills sold in stores found they contained anywhere from 9% to 140% of the doses listed on labels, according to a research letter published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Though none of the pills was likely to be dangerous, some contained too little of the vitamin to effectively treat someone with a deficiency, the researchers say.

At Acumen Health & Wellness Center, we recommend  supplements that are produced by companies that use the highest standards in their manufacturing process. Unlike many over-the-counter supplements, professional nutraceuticals use the highest quality raw materials, minimize fillers and other agents that inhibit absorption (“other ingredients” listed on labels), and use the ‘active’ form of ingredients for optimal utilization by the body.

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