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I have been a patient of Dr. Waddell’s for 18 months. I came to her with two goals. Get rid of my heartburn and to get off my blood pressure medications. She put into practice her expertise and we succeeded. We continue to fine tune the results. I am pleased to be healing naturally with her help. I recommend her totally.

65 year old female

I first went to see Dr. Waddell when issues with inflammatory arthritis began significantly limiting my mobility. After only two weeks on Dr. Shayla’s treatment plan, I felt like a whole new person. Improvement has continued and with Dr. Waddell’s on-gong guidance, I continue to feel great two years later.

60 year old male

I can still remember my first appointment with Dr. Waddell. I was so surprised by how much time she spent with me, how many good questions she asked, how she wasn’t overwhelmed by my complicated health history – instead, she seemed interested in digging deeper and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, inquiring about my priorities while addressing actual causes of symptoms. She didn’t just prescribe me another drug with a bunch of side effects – although she has a balanced approach that does acknowledge the usefulness of prescription drugs and I have benefitted from antiobiotics, etc. in her care. She has enthusiastically and creatively tackled many of my health and wellness issues: high blood pressure, high cortisol, digestive discomforts, fertility and pregnancy support, thyroid support, immune system weaknesses, and adrenal fatigue, to name a few.* I’m constantly amazed by the amount of knowledge and resourcefulness Dr. Waddell displays. Her process is incredibly scientific and her knowledge of research and evidence-based treatments is impressive. I appreciate her willingness to consider multiple perspectives, weighing options while allowing me to be part of the process. And now, I trust Dr. Waddell with my daughter’s health as well. She is truly an expert healthcare provider; no one has been as attentive to my needs or as successful.

29 year old female

I started seeing Dr. Shayla after a series of frustrating encounters with other doctors. I knew there was something wrong with my health because I had numerous issues ranging from anxiety, muscle tension and extreme fatigue to chronic infections and digestive issues to food intolerances. Traditional doctors treated the symptoms with prescriptions and surgeries but never got to the root cause of my issues. Dr. Shayla diagnosed and treated me for adrenal fatigue, subclinical hypothyroidism, anemia, and heavy metal poisoning. She is an exceptional doctor and really listens to her patients, something I had never experienced before. Finally someone believed in me and was my partner in helping me to improve my health. I have achieved a level of health that I have never experienced before. My lifelong issues are gone. I am finally able to fully engage with and enjoy my life.

34 year old female

I first came to Dr. Waddell a year and a half ago with concerns about being less alert and having a declining memory. Now my alertness and memory are what they were when I was in my 20s. Dr. Waddell also identified other issues and her treatment plan and lifestyle recommendations have allowed me to lose weight, reduce my blood pressure, and I have stepped back from the brink of becoming diabetic. I am in probably the best overall health I have been in 10 or 20 years.

54 year old male