Software Engineering: Is the ‘Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 7’ certificate enough to get a job in the US?

“Oracle will continue to provide Public Updates and auto updates of Java SE 8, Indefinitely for Personal Users”. Oracle issued public updates to the Java 7 family on a quarterly basis until April 2015 when the product reached the end of its public availability. Further updates for JDK 7, which continued until July 2022, are only made available to customers with a support contract. Support for older Win9x versions dropped; unofficially, Java 6 Update 7 was the last release of Java shown to work on these versions of Windows.

The same is considered to be relevant to the examination primarily because of the fact it is created and recommended by Oracle itself. Although, there are several other websites who provide training programs or courses. The followings are the training programs by Oracle, you can choose accordingly. In this course, we will learn the concepts of Java EE 7 with a focus on Concurrency Utilities with Threads, Semaphore, Phaser and other methods, and Transactions. So long as you have the knowledge and a portfolio of work to show, you should be in a good position to get a related job. A certification for Java developers can go a long way in showing your employer that you have the skills and expertise to take up a role. This Java programming certification is similar to those mentioned above.


Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems in 2010, so its certifications are very similar to those of Sun. The Oracle Corporation is responsible for the development of the Java platform and its Oracle Java courses are some of the best. Each of the java certification courses listed here comes from Oracle, and verifies a certain level of expertise and knowledge of Java, with respect to specific domains. During the development phase, new builds including enhancements and bug fixes were released approximately weekly. Beta versions were released in February and June 2006, leading up to a final release that occurred on December 11, 2006.


Don’t go skipping half of the questions in the beginning — it’s easy to lose the track of time after that. Of course, you can follow your own process and take some recommendations from here, it’s up to you. In the end, what matters most is to learn something during your journey and take the exam. Search for additional references, online articles, official oracle documentation, other books, etc. if there are things that need further clarification for you.

Java 8 updates

With java 7 certifications version 7, Oracle decided to shut down the OCJA and split the OCJP in two certification levels.The first level is called OCA, or also 1Z0-808 , and the professional level is called OCP , or also 1Z1-809. does not offer exam dumps or questions from actual exams.

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After Java 6 release, Sun, and later Oracle, released several updates which, while not changing any public API, enhanced end-user usability or fixed bugs. That’s cost-saving too, so if you are already certified SCJP, than no need to retake OCAJP SE 8exam. Also, if you are going to give SCJP 1.6, then you don’t need to pass any OCA exams. Similarly, for 1Z0-808, the passing score is 65%, while for the 1Z0-809 passing score is 60%. The format of the exam is still multiple choice questions for both exams. You can read more about them in my Java Certification FAQ article.

Study Guide & Exam Registration

Each course will have its own focus and prepare you for a particular set of responsibilities. That said, you want to take a course from a reputed certification provider, like Oracle. If you are completely new to this, start with the basic Java certification course. Apart from this, you can get online training from Oracle University as well. A plethora of benefits through the certifications mentioned in this article. Without further due, let us now dig into the top 5 Java certifications and their details.


On a similar note, if you appear for Java SE 6 certification then you don’t need to pass OCA, you can directly take Java 1.6 certification. Apart from that, one of the questions, which a lot of my reader email me, is about whether taking OCAJP is mandatory for giving OCPJP or not? Many of them have doubts about whether OCA is required for taking OCP or not? Joining a group study will also be beneficial for the candidate.

Infiniband is a competitor to iSCSI that has been making some headway in virtualization environments. “I’m particularly a fan of the NIO2 [file-system capabilities],” says Java founder Gosling. The new NIO2 capabilities provide an interface for working with file systems that can access more file attributes and offer more information about errors, Oracle’s documentation says.

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